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Natalie has been practicing Yoga for over 10 years and teaching since 2018. She specialises in the deeply enriching practices of Yin, Aerial, and Hatha Yoga, as well as Nidra and guided Meditation. Natalie is passionate about bringing Yoga to all peoples regardless of their physical abilities, ethnicity, gender, or age; for her Yoga is a practice everyone can incorporate into their daily lives. Natalie has 300hrs of training from Kashish Yoga and Shanti Yoga Schools in India and is updating her training regularly with new practices, deeper wisdom, and more teachings. 

Yoga is beyond a physical practice, it's is not just an exercise programme for your body. Yoga is a wholistic, complete, practice to enhance your life, balance your body, mind, and spirit. It is a tool for aligning yourself in your fullest expression, for bringing balance and harmony to your inner and outer experience of this world. Yoga is known to have many benefits including increasing mobility, rehabilitation after injuries/illness, boosting the immune system, improving mental and emotional health, improving overall body fitness, deepening our connection to source, and expanding our awareness. When we practice Yoga we turn inward, to the depths of self, to find God, source, universal consciousness. When we practice Yoga we return home.

Going to a group Yoga session is a great way to engage with this potent practice, dedicating yourself to your healing by booking a private session is immensely more beneficial. To receive personally tailored support on this journey is truly a special thing and Natalie has made it her personal quest to make this available to everyone. For this reason all of her private sessions are available with a sliding scale based on honesty - no proof is required when booking a session to pick a smaller exchange.


Aerial Yoga is a supportive and beautiful way to move the body and feel safely held in our asanas (postures). The hammock can be used as a means of providing lots of security and support in moving in ways that are not usually available to us, or it can be used to create a physical challenge and increase our strength. Natalie loves this practice as a slow and gentle way to release tension from the body, relieve stress, and balance the mind. Not only all of this but it's an extremely fun and free way to float, feel weightless, and hang from the ceiling for an hour. To inquire please head to the contact page or check the calendar for any group classes.



Yin Yoga is a deep and nourishing practice which involves working directly with the connective tissues of the body and nervous system. In this practice asanas are held for longer periods time in a gentle way, using lots of supporting props to allow the nervous system to come back to a state of rest and repair so the fascia, tendons, ligaments, and hydraulic fluid can find fluidity again. This is a challenging and deeply enriching way to release tensions and stress as well as releasing trapped emotions and traumas held in the body. It is a practice of meeting the self in an authentic and honest way, allowing the mind to wander through the thoughts to the clarity, and restoring peace and balance to one's life.


Hatha is an ancient, original, form of yoga which works with static postures and moves through multiple varying sequences to bring balance and peace to the body, mind, and spirit. Natalie incorporates pranayama (breath control) and meditation into her Hatha sessions to provide a more authentic, traditional practice. This practice is about realigning, slowing down, increasing our mind, body connection, reducing stress and tension, and increasing physical wellbeing. Reach out to Natalie to see what style of Yoga is best suited to you...

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