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The ancient Mayan Midwives had a very special magic of working with the movement of energy throughout the body, realigning the internal organs, removing toxins, and restoring balance and vitality to the whole system. This wisdom involves working with herbs, energetics, and massage to calm the body, relax muscles and connective tissues, release 'trapped' energy, and restore emotional and physical health. Although this technique is particularly useful for womb-bearers, it is inclusive of all gender biologies and bodies.

This massage involves a full body massage to calm the nervous system and release tension, culminating in an abdominal focus which is a deep realigning of the energy and organs. In particular the focus is on the aortic pulse, or 'Heart of the Stomach', and the womb (physical and/or energetic). Other elements can involve using herbal teas, tinctures, steams, and other medicines as part of an ongoing programme. Benefits include; releasing stored energy and emotions, reducing chronic pain and inflammation throughout the body, reducing symptoms of reproductive maladaptations such as PCOS or Endometriosis, relaxing and calming of the body, reduction in stress and tension, general increased wellbeing. Post-natal work is incredibly powerful and, as the Mayans would say, essential to the health of new mothers.

Natalie trained in this ancient wisdom with the elders and midwives in traditional communities in Guatemala recently and is happy to bring this wisdom with her wherever she goes. She has found this profoundly useful in her own healing and extremely complimentary to her other energy and sound practices. 

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