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Our voices are so much more than we have been conditioned to believe. Our voices are a medium for great healing and realignment of the self and, therefore, the collective. Vocal activation is not about singing, or having a 'good voice' it is about opening our channels, removing the blockages and conditioning that stop us from speaking our truth, from living authentically, from expressing our creativity. We can use vocal healing techniques and practices to open the Chakras, reconnect the womb (men too!), heart, and throat, to be able to channel our creative expression freely and without judgement or shame. When we do this we enter into our purpose, our reason for being here. Opening this channel of expression opens doors to worlds we could only imagine. This work is about meeting ourselves, exactly where we are in the present moment, and loving this being fully, holding this being in their entirety, in full compassion and safety, so that they may finally speak, sing, draw, cook, create, whatever it is that they came here to do!


If you're feeling the need to speak up, to release your inner soul voice, to open your Chakras, align with your true purpose, then this work is for you. If you're actually wanting to sing more, open your vocal expression, improve your care for your voice, increase vocal range or technical singing ability, then this is also for you. If you're petrified by reading these words and are thinking "Gosh, signing, me?! No way!", then this really is for you most of all. 

All sessions are tailored to the individual or group and based on Natalie's many years of training and exploration through techniques from many traditions all over the world. Natalie is dedicated to sharing the magic of a free voice with all. She believes this is the key to healing for the collective and bringing more honesty and authenticity to relating and sharing our gifts and love. Natalie holds group voice activation immersive workshops, women's (identifying) circles, and private voice coaching sessions. See below to book your session and unleash that voice hiding inside of you... 

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