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Everything in this universe is vibrating, oscillating, moving at rates that are, in most cases, imperceptible by the human eye. The screen you're looking at, your hair, your dinner plate; they are all vibrating and emitting a frequency, or sound, that your ears cannot hear. Sound is everything, frequency is what underlies all things and it has the magnificent power to be used as a tool for directly accessing source consciousness, activating our internal healing systems within the body, and bringing our vessels back into a harmonious state of being.


We are vibrational beings who are surrounded by frequencies and sounds that are not always the most harmonious, not always in alignment with our natural frequencies. This has an effect on our overall mental, physical, emotional, and energetic health. It entrains our beings into a disharmonious, unbalanced state which leads to dis-ease and illness. Using specific frequencies and tones we are able to entrain the body, mind, and spirit back into a balanced state, back to harmony. When we regularly receive and even create these sounds ourselves we are sending a ripple of healing out into the collective. 

Sound Alchemy is an ancient tool used for aeons as a successful healing modality, and tool for many other purposes, and modern science has finally caught up with this truth and the use of sound to alchemise, to create an environment in which the body is able to heal itself, is now scientifically proven and receiving more and more attention. Although this is a divine and mystical art form, it is also a science and one we can learn to utilise on a daily basis.


Natalie has been working with sound for her whole life and is dedicated to sharing this magic with others. She runs regular group Sound Alchemy sessions, tailors private sessions for personal needs/intentions, and runs immersive training experiences for those who are ready to step into their deepest healing journey yet by adding this magical science to their personal healing toolkit. This is a direct channel to source, a lifting of the veil between realms, a balm for the soul, a sonic massage for the spirit. 

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