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Natalie is a Sound Alchemist, Yin and Aerial Yoga Guide, energy worker, Voice & Expression Coach, and Therapeutic Art Practitioner who channels frequencies to bring balance and harmony and creates safe, held environments for people to step beyond limiting beliefs into a state of self realisation and bliss. She works with sacred tunings, gongs, crystal bowls, shamanic drum, flutes, tuning forks, voice and other ancestral instruments, to channel a gentle space for beings to release stored trauma and blocked energy and realise their true self-healing potential. Those who participate in her sessions often claim to have deep, transcendental, journeys and realisations as well as an overwhelming sense of calm and relaxation. Vibration and frequency are her craft, they are a direct link to source, and she has dedicated her life to honing these skills and sharing with others.​

Natalie has been communing with vibrational healing modalities for many years, initially for her own healing through physical and emotional challenges on her path. She is a certified Yoga Therapist, specialising in Yin, Aerial, and Hatha, fully qualified Sound Alchemy Therapist, and has a Level II Counselling qualification to support her offerings. She has intuitive energy working skills and is qualified in the mystic art of Ancient Mayan Massage and Herbalism. Natalie is sensitive, intuitive, and trauma-informed; she creates a perfect container for her clients to be met exactly where they are and provides a tailored experience to meet their needs. Her group sessions and workshops are a powerful collective experience open to all peoples, from all walks of life, at any point on their spiritual journey. See below for more info on upcoming events...


“After the session i felt more connected with myself. I gained a sense of clarity and inspiration. I'm glad our paths crossed. Natalie's liberated soul made me feel liberated as well.”


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